Large amount and work forces are invested globally by advanced and developed countries, The International Promotion Agency of Culture Technology (, which is officially accredited by government agency, had MOU with domestically well-known institution, The IPACT is implementing the various certificates reflecting on the recent IT trend. The professionals from institution affiliated Qualifying Exam Committee formed a committee and carefully selected questions and implemented certification.
Our certificates include Valuer and Export Certificate of Int'l Green IT, Int'l Smart Phone, Int'l Green UT, Int'l Computer Information, Int'l Image Production, and Int'l SNS Media.
1. Create an account in the institution( Attach necessary picture for certificate issuance.
2. Log in again with your ID and password after creating an account
3. Click on the menu above in main menu of homepage, and read qualification evaluation guide
4. Apply for the test. Read the certificate agreement, click on apply qualification then apply for the test. Fill up each field of items after applying the test. Please be noted that no modification can be made after taking the test.
5. Pay for application fee. (Level 2 application fee is 300 dollars. Account for the fee payment is at Citibank: 103-200204-242-01, account holder is The Institute of Webcasting Broadcasting and Communication.
6. You may take the test if you receive a message "you may take the exam" via mobile phone or e-mail from the application fee payment manager. In 'take the test' from homepage, click on start button and begin the exam.
7. After taking the exam, a message "The results may be notified within 5 days" will pop. The results may be viewed in qualifying view item.
8. For the qualified applicants, please write "I apply for the certificate", name, organization, address to receive in the apply certificate menu.
9. Please refer to certificate application guideline in homepage notice menu for details.
Level Qualification for Appication Fee Payment
IGIT Valuer No limited $300 Card, Direct
IGIT Expert IGIT Valuer Certificate-Holder $500
Level 시험 발표
IGIT Valuer Offline
Local region
Online Offline Online
July Test always possible through homepage
within 10 days within 5 days
IGIT Expert Coming into effort from 2012
Payment Bank Account Account Holder
Direct Citi Bank 103-00204-242-01 IWBC
(Inst. of Webcasting, Broadcasting and Communication)
Card Visa
Green energy development field Green home network field Green U-city business field Green ubiquitous field
Green building construction field Green eco city business field Green information communication field Green business field
Green car business field Green smart device field Green information technology field Green management field