Our institute does the following business by the organization.

1. Activate rights promotion and interaction of Internet broadcasting communication technology industry joint
2. Future technology business tie-up and deploy joint business with national and international related organization research institution
3. Issue technology related data gathering, analysis, research study, evaluation and issue publication
4. Internet broadcasting communication technology related business research, outcome analysis, evaluation, and strategy consulting
5. Training, education, seminar, lecture and bulletin, issuance of research papers are provided for cultivating
6. Legalization, standardization policy, and academic support of internet broadcast communication related business
7. Participate national and international interaction support and organization activity, suggest global mind and global vision map for strengthening of national competency of internet broadcast communication technology
8. Propose government policy and support professional group activities for the development of internet broadcast communication technology
9. Consigning business from government and related organization in relation to internet broadcast communication technology
10. Run needed businesses and subsidiary enterprises (certificate business), which is in accord with other establishment objective and achieve objectives